Safety & Training

Nichols regards safety as a number one priority and good business. The safety of our employees is as importand to us as productivity, quality and cost. Our ultimate goal is an accident-free workplace. To accomplish this, safety must be a part of the planning and excution of every job. Safe operations are a matter of choice, no chance. There is a safe way to perform each task. Choosing the safe way makes our whole work environment more productive.

Nichols, Inc. has the responsiblility to provide employees and contractors with a safe workplace. We protect ourselves from potential hazards by identifying them and creating work methods that prevent injury or illness. We have a safe workplace because we choose to make it safe. Working safely can compete with other demands, such as the requirement to get the job done quickly.

We can make the workplace safe by integrating safety in the task to be completed. While our objective is to get the job done as efficiently as possible, no task is so important that the safety and health of our employees and contractors should be compromised. All of us at Nichols, Inc. are committed to safety practices and prepared to protect and ensure the safety of all individuals.

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