Nichols Inc. is a total service "oilfield service company." From hauling water to dirt construction and roustabouts, Nichols has the resources to serve the needs of today's oilfield with offices located in Forgan Ok, Beaver Ok, Guymon Ok and Liberal KS with truck stationed in Satanta Ks, Elkhart Ks.

The Nichols family began hauling water in 1954 when Gene Nichols put a fourty-barrel tank on his farm truck and began hauling fresh water to drilling rigs, and to frac tanks on completions. The was at that time Gene Nichols Hauling.

1958 Gary Nichols, Gene's son, bought his first truck which was a fifty-barrel bobtail. Gary worked for two years as a rough neck to pay for the truck before he hauled his first load of water. In 1960, at the age of twenty, Gary began hauling water with his dad. Gene would haul water all winter and when spring and summer came around, he would shut doen and go to farming. When Gary Joined the business, it became a year-round water hauling business.

1960 was also the year for Nichols first salt water hauling contract. Nichols contraced with an oil company to haul for 17 cents per bbarrel. This equated to $8.50 per load.

1966 Gene and Gary filed for authority with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. That is when the company became "Nichols Water Service".

1969 after running a 50-barrel bobtail for nine years, Gary bought his first transport. According to Gary, "We were hauling saltwater by the barrel price in those days, so a transport meant more money per load"

1970 Gary bought out Gene and Gene retired to farming. Gary was in business by himself with two transports and a bobtail. That is when Nichols hired the fire employees.

1971 Gary opened his first office. He moved the business from his home into the old lumberyard in Forgan. The buisness added a secretary and had for drivers working.

1976 Gary's eldest son Brent, began working for the company full time in the shop and as a truck driver

1977 saw another move to a new yard and shop on the East end of Forgan which is where the current buisness is located. Also in that year in response to demand, Gary built his first kill-truck. It was a bobtail size truck and according to Gary, "This was the first one of its kind in the area."

1979 Nichols was employing fifteen people. Gary also added a transport size kill-truck and started buyin frac-tanks.

1981 Nichols Fluid Service joined the Nichols family of business on April 1 1981, when the former O'Kan Fluid Service was purchased from E.R. Pierce. The name was changed to Nichols Fluid Service. This immediately increased the fleet size by four trucks and six more employees and a yard and office in Liberal, Kansas. With an aging fleet office and shop facility, O'Kan provided permits and Certificate of Authority which allowed Nichols to exspand operation into Kansas and Colorado. The orginal fleet purchased from O'Kan was retired and new equipment was infused into the new Nichols Fluid Service.

From a modest beginning the organization began to grow on an annual basis by adding to the tank-truck fleet and increasing service capability. At present, Nichols Fluid Service offers a full range of oilfield service from a Fleet of 30 vacuum-equipped transports, bobtail units, winch trucks and over 70 Frac tanks are available along with high-pressure well control capabilities.

1982 Gary purched Hardberger and Smylie to expand the hauling services of Nichols Water Service by offering complimentary oilfield dirt construction services. At the time Hardberger and Smylie Inc. consisted of an office, shop, yard and seventeen pieces of dirt moving equipment and ten employees. 1983 Scott Nichols, Gary's second son went to work for Hardberger and Smylie to assist in management activites

1986 Hardberger and Smylie Inc. branched into heavy dirt construction primarily highway construction, and have been privileged to be part of building many highways in Oklahoma and Kansas.

1993 Hardberger and Smylie branded out again purchasing Eudey's Roustabout Service.

1997 Nichols Fluid Service moved into new administrative offices and shop facilities, Nichols Fluid Service remains at this location 316 Industrial Park Ave. in Liberal's Industrial Park.

2002 Gary retired from Nichols Inc. and sold the company to his two son's Brent and Scott Nichols, under their leadership Nichols, Inc and Hardberger and Smylie is still growing to this day to meet the demands and allow them to give the service that our clients deserve.

Transporting drilling fluids such as KCL, mudd, freshwater, to building location, pipelines or rental equipment Through oil-boom and bust, Nichols has continued to be a sound service company. Taking strides to improve capabilities in providing the best possible service for customers and their needs. From one truck to fifty from on employee to eight five, Nichols is still growing and still going to service customers with excellence.

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